I recently had to switch trucks from a 2003 Toyota Tundra with a 6.5' bed to to a 2011 Tundra with an 8' bed. My camper is a 1996 Lance Shadow Cruiser II with a 7' long base. The rails on the 2011 are taller so I built a 3" lift to get the camper above the rails. I made the lift out of two pieces of 3/4" OSB sandwiched around a 2X6 grid. It's heavy, and I have about 2" of clearance between the bed rail and camper. There is about 3" between the cab and camper. I'd like to do something lighter for the lift; maybe foam board with wood edges. I'm wondering how much clearance I need between the camper and cab. Can I get by with less than 3"?